Over the last 150 years, there has been a massive hype when it comes to Formula One racing. For the drivers of these prestigious and well-engineered cars, there has even been an increase in fame. After all, these are the individuals who put their life at risk each time they step onto the track, get in their F1-machine and break yet another record.

With all the thrill and excitement around these superhumans, let’s have a look at the top drivers in F1-racing.

Ayrton Senna

Topping the list as the number one F1-racer in the world is Ayrton Senna da, Silva. He was a Brazilian racer that won a total of three F1 world championships for the prestigious car brand, McLaren. He is described to be ruthless, determined, brilliant, charismatic and one of the fastest drivers in the history of F1-racing. His strategy was merely believing that he had no choice but to win and it brought him the title of success at a total of 41 wins.

Michael Schumacher

His name is recognized all around the world as one of the best. He is also considered the greatest F1 driver that have ever graced the tracks of F1-racing. He has great talent and skill and can be described as an individual with great work ethic, which was based on speculation and subjectivity.

Juan Manuel Fangio

As the F1-racer who dominated in the 50’s, he was a man that performed the best of all. His greatest win was in 1940 when won the Grand Prix International, as well as winning the title of world’s best drivers five times. He also kept his record for 47-years until he was beaten by Michael Schumacher.

Fernando Alonso

Noticed as one of the most skilled drivers, who is still currently racing, he could reach any cars potential, even though the car is not good. He has been compared to Ayrton Senna when it comes to his race-craft, methods, and talent and has been a much-anticipated driver who is set to win many more championships.

Jim Clark

Jim Clark was one of the greatest natural talented drivers ever seen in motor racing. He had a great work ethic, was respectable and to say the least, a gentleman. He never blocked drivers on the track and always approached it with grace and class. He won the Indianapolis 500, as well as the World title in the same year. He was the only man to ever do so.

By looking at the top 5 drivers in F1 history, it’s tough to think how dangerous this sport and these men careers are. That is why referring to them as ‘supermen’ is the most appropriate title one could ever give them.